Welcome To MTC

Messianic Training Center is a leadership training school dedicated to raising devoted disciples of Messiah Yeshua—Jesus Christ who are called to serve God and impact their world. Students are grounded in the word and ways of God, nurtured in relationship with God, stretched in faith, immersed in the Spirit, and practically trained and equipped for dynamic life and ministry.

Restoring the Way of the Lord

The Lord modeled a Hebraic teaching style by fathering and befriending His disciples. He related to them the dynamics of the Kingdom of God and helped them connect and relate the stories and principles of the Scriptures in meaningful and relevant ways to real life. He taught them how to see the big picture and relate the parts to the whole.

He taught them more than what to do, and gave them more than mere information. Through relational engagement and impartation He trained them to apprehend the heart and mind of God to understand how to be sensitive to the Spirit and apply the wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 2 and 2 Corinthians).

Such a way helps people process their thoughts to come to understanding of why and how things happen—or cause and effect. People learn how to relate with and know God by seeing not only what He does, but why He does what He does. Paul and the early apostles likewise modeled such a teaching and training style.


At a time when modern cultures have been immersed in a variety of secular philosophies, there is a critical need today for leaders to be equipped and trained in the apostolic fashion and roots of the faith in order to see God’s power released, and the Bride of Messiah advancing in glory bringing real transformation.

At MTC we focus on bringing clarity, balance and understanding of God’s Word, nurturing sensitivity to the indwelling Spirit and training disciples and servant leaders to apply active faith through the passion of Messiah and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

  • Academics
We foster a nurturing environment that challenges the heart and mind to prepare versatile leaders

  • Relational Development
We offer relational engagement in group settings with seasoned leaders to develop and stretch personal capacity

  • Cross Training
We cover various subjects from different angles to provide a broad view of biblical topics

  • Practical Ministry Experience
We offer opportunities in various ministry settings from pulpit preaching and teaching to outreach evangelism to international mission’s trips to children’s/youth ministry to ministry to the poor so students will gain practical experience and develop their gifts

School Calendar

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